Height years af­ter Poe­try, Lee Chang-dong comes back with a dra­ma about the com­pli­ca­ted jea­lou­sy of the so­cial and fa­mi­lial de­ter­mi­nism. The com­bus­tion is slow but the pa­tience is re­war­ded.

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ge­ne­ric men­tions that it’s adap­ted from a Mu­ra­ka­mi’s short sto­ry, but one of the cha­rac­ters clear­ly quotes William Faulk­ner’s «L’In­cen­diaire», a sto­ry about blood bounds and fric­tions cau­sed by so­cial in­equa­li­ties. There is a lot of that in Bur­ning, but Lee Chang-Dong tells it his way that main­ly consists in kee­ping in­for­ma­tions to him­self, or ra­ther li­mi­ting the mea­ning that we can give to them. The spec­ta­tor is then free of his in­ter­pre­ta­tion, cla­wed by frus­tra­tion.

The sto­ry is about a «mé­nage à trois», seen trough Jong­su’s eyes, a de­li­ve­ry man drea­ming to be­come a wri­ter, even though his pro­duc­tion is li­mi­ted to a pe­ti­tion for his fa­ther, who’s being jud­ged for as­sault. While which Jong­su is being hit on by Hae­mi, a li­fe­long friend that wants to ask a fa­vor from him, and falls mad­ly in love with her. Un­til when Ben ar­rives, an ar­ro­gant rich young man, against whom Jong­su can’t com­pete, and that pre­tends to burn down green­houses in the coun­try­side. Mys­te­ries pile up, the lack of cer­tain­ty, the main cha­rac­ter’s pas­si­vi­ty, voyeur al­ways in the dark, give Bur­ning a dark mo­vie ap­pea­rance, am­pli­fied by Hae­mi’s di­sap­pea­rance, that Jung­su will search on as a pri­vate in­ves­ti­ga­tor, in a spi­ra­ling drift.

We can see in the two male pro­ta­go­nists the two faces of a un­ba­lan­ced world where ten­sions are past the cri­ti­cal point, with pre­dic­table out­comes. Al­ways loo­king for mea­ning in a opaque world, Lee Chang-Dong made a contem­po­ra­ry and uni­ver­sal fable, su­per­bly played and di­rec­ted, of which we shall re­mem­ber a to­pless and high in the sky dan­cing scene, fil­med at a ma­gi­cal time. The last se­quence shot isn’t bad ei­ther, to conclude with po­wer a 2h30 long mo­vie real­ly well put to­ge­ther.

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