Technikart - SuperCannes - - La voix royale - RANDALL PRICE WITH NI­CO­LAS CHERATI

For 4 - 6 ser­vings

For the radish leaf sauce: Leaves from two bunches of ra­dishes, wa­shed well

• 2 cloves gar­lic

• 60 g / 1/2 cup pine nuts (or sli­ced al­monds or wal­nuts or sun­flo­wer seeds)

• 1 to­ma­to, cut in­to chunks • 60 g / 1/2 cup gra­ted

par­me­san cheese

• Salt and pepper

• 500 g / 1 pound thick,

short pasta, such as penne For additions: 1 onion, sli­ced thin; 1 red bell pepper, sli­ced thin; 1 zuc­chi­ni, sli­ced in sticks; 1 cho­ri­zo, cut in­to chunks; 4 to­ma­toes, cut in­to chunks We had an unex­pec­ted staff din­ner on Tech­ni­boat, nee­ded pron­to, and what did we have on hand? What we had, was radish leaves! Lef­to­vers from ra­dishes from a cru­di­té plat­ter. I had used the leaves be­fore, in soup, and it was good. Bal­thus said, ‘why not?’

What you get is a radish pes­to, pret­ty much, with a dis­tinc­tive and agreeable, slight­ly pep­pe­ry taste. While the pasta boi­led to al dente do­ne­ness, I qui­ck­ly sau­téed some sli­ced onions, bell pep­pers, cho­ri­zo, zuc­chi­ni sticks (al­so from the cru­di­té plat­ter!), cu­bed fresh to­ma­toes, and some pine nuts. I re­com­mend you throw in any choice lef­to­vers your fridge. Sli­ced ham would be good in place of the cho­ri­zo.

The sauce you can make whe­ne­ver you have radish leaves - ne­ver throw them out! But the additions make a me­mo­rable pasta dish that you can ne­ver quite re­peat.

Place the radish leaves, gar­lic, pine nuts, to­ma­to, Par­me­san cheese, and olive oil in a blen­der or tall cup for an im­mer­sion blen­der, with a lit­tle salt and pepper. Blend un­til the mix­ture is smooth.

Boil the pasta fol­lo­wing the pa­ckage ins­truc­tions. While the pasta is co­oking, heat a frying pan with a lit­tle olive oil and sau­té the onions, pep­pers and zuc­chi­ni over high heat un­til they be­gin to brown and ca­ra­me­lize. Add the cho­ri­zo and to­ma­toes and cook, stir­ring, for three or four mi­nutes. Add the radish sauce and stir over me­dium heat for two mi­nutes. Toss with the hot pasta and serve.

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