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It’s very good progress and a bless­ing to our con­ti­nent Africa, in as much as it is gen­uinely ac­quired and used to bet­ter the lives of the people.

Timothy Mbanuh, Facebook

For most African coun­tries the scale of in­equal­ity has reached ex­treme lev­els, [so] to equate the wealth of a few that con­sti­tute only a smaller per­cent­age to mean a sign of progress will be ig­nor­ing the larger scale of the poor [...] Wealth in the hands of a few can­not equate to progress for all.

Muham­mad Sani Ab­dul­lahi, Email

The GDP of some African coun­tries is noth­ing close to a bil­lion. True progress will be re­alised when a ma­jor­ity of our coun­tries have a GDP above 100 bil­lion dol­lars and GDP growth rates above 5%. Qhawe S. Hugo Bhengu, Facebook

#African­bil­lion­aires are about as good at al­le­vi­at­ing #poverty as the #UN is at main­tain­ing #World­peace… Look at how much peace we are drown­ing in.

@kingkudza, Twit­ter

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