From ide­al­ism to re­alpoli­tik

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Museveni’s forces win the Bush War, over­throw­ing the regime of Mil­ton Obote and cat­a­pult­ing Museveni into the pres­i­dency. Kagame was an of­fi­cer in Museveni’s National Re­sis­tance Army.


Kagame’s Rwan­dan Pa­tri­otic Front forces over­throw Rwanda’s geno­ci­dal gov­ern­ment, push­ing thou­sands of refugees into the Demo­cratic Repub­lic of Congo (DRC).


Rwanda and Uganda sup­port the forces of Lau­rent-désiré Ka­bila, who over­throws the dic­ta­tor­ship of Mobutu Sese Seko in the DRC.


A UN panel says that Kagame and Museveni, are ‘on the verge of be­com­ing the god­fa­thers of the illegal ex­ploita­tion of nat­u­ral re­sources and the con­tin­u­a­tion of the con­flict in the Demo­cratic Repub­lic of the Congo’.


The UN and Hu­man Rights Watch ac­cuse the Ki­gali gov­ern­ment of back­ing the Drc-based Mou­ve­ment

du 23 Mars rebels led by Bosco Nta­ganda.


A De­cem­ber con­sti­tu­tional amend­ment potentiall­y al­lows Kagame to be pres­i­dent un­til 2034, when he would be 76.


Uganda’s Supreme Court passes a law to re­move age limits on the pres­i­dency, per­mit­ting Museveni, who has ruled for 33 years, to run again in 2021, at which time he will be over 75.


A feud breaks out in pub­lic as Rwanda tem­po­rar­ily closes its border to Rwanda. Kagame and Museveni trade barbs as each seeks to play a lead­er­ship role in the re­gion.

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