A time of tears and hope

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30 June. Omar al-bashir launches a coup that over­throws the gov­ern­ment of Prime Min­is­ter Sadiq al-mahdi. Bashir rules with an al­liance be­tween Is­lamists and se­curo­crats.


Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden moves to Su­dan af­ter be­ing kicked out of Saudi Ara­bia. He stays there un­til 1996.


US im­poses sanc­tions on Su­dan for its role in hu­man rights abuses and sup­port of ter­ror­ism.


Su­dan be­gins ex­port­ing oil to global mar­kets from the Heg­lig field with an ini­tial cargo of 600,000 bar­rels.


War in Dar­fur be­gins. It kills hun­dreds of thou­sands of people and dis­places more than two mil­lion. The gov­ern­men­tal­igned Jan­jaweed mili­tias com­mit­ted mass atroc­i­ties.


The United Na­tions (UN) au­tho­rises 26,000 peace­keep­ers through the UN-AU Mis­sion in Dar­fur.


The In­ter­na­tional Crim­i­nal Court is­sues an ar­rest war­rant for Bashir on charges of Dar­fur crimes against hu­man­ity and war crimes.


The ICC de­liv­ers a new ar­rest war­rant for Bashir on charges of geno­cide in Dar­fur.


South Su­dan gains in­de­pen­dence from Su­dan in Jan­uary, tak­ing with it vast oil re­serves. The Su­danese gov­ern­ment fails to im­ple­ment the eco­nomic re­forms needed to cope with the loss of rev­enue.


Wash­ing­ton lifts some of its sanc­tions on the Khar­toum regime.


In De­cem­ber, protests sparked in At­bara about the sky­rock­et­ing price of bread spread to ma­jor cities in­clud­ing Port Su­dan and Khar­toum.


11 April: Bashir ousted in a mil­i­tary coup af­ter months of protests about price rises. In 2018, in­fla­tion had hit 63.3%, mak­ing many sta­ples un­af­ford­able for Su­dan’s poor­est.

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