Fo­cus on Lu­di­vine Griveau, man­ager of the Domaine des Hos­pices de Beaune

VertdeVin - - Interview -

Why did you choose to make wine, be­come an En­gi­neer and oe­nol­o­gist ?

“I think it was the work of the vines that chose me. There was ac­tu­ally noth­ing that pre­des­tined me to do this. I did sci­en­tific stud­ies, my fam­ily is not from the wine sec­tor and has no par­tic­u­lar con­nec­tion with wine ex­cept the pas­sion for the very good gas­tro­nomic and good wines. I have been with this for a long time but not in the tech­ni­cal part, nor in pro­duc­tion. I came to the trades of the vine and the wine in the course of my stud­ies and ex­pe­ri­ences. It is a prod­uct of cir­cum­stance, as I do not think much hap­pens at ran­dom, I am obliged to ad­mit that my path of study was there. Af­ter a sci­en­tific bac­calau­réat I stud­ied agro-food and then agron­omy, fol­lowed by stud­ies of sen­sory eval­u­a­tions and oenol­ogy to fin­ish my first work in a vine­yard. In the end the pas­sion came to me lit­tle by lit­tle ...”

Why did you choose to make wine in Bur­gundy and not in an­other re­gion?

“Be­cause I am Bur­gun­dian even if I like and also drink wines from ev­ery­where. I am not at all locked up in a wine style, in a re­gion but work­ing with Pinot Noir and Chardon­nay is what I know how to do and what I like to do. I grew up here, with these two va­ri­eties, the wines of Bur­gundy are my roots.”

If you had to sum­ma­rize your pas­sion for wine in 3 or 4 words what would you say?

“I would say: plea­sure, shar­ing and rigor. One must be hy­per rig­or­ous be­cause as in all ar­eas to make beau­ti­ful things, beau­ti­ful wines it is manda­tory to be very rig­or­ous. And then to fin­ish I would say that wine is the prod­uct of a lot of work in the vine­yard ! ”

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