Kopke 1966 - Col­heita

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The nose is fruity, gen­er­ous and of­fers a small fresh­ness. It re­veals notes of cane su­gar caramel and fine notes of can­died fruit as­so­ci­ated with hints of dried fruit, hazel­nut, Zante cur­rants as well as a dis­creet hint of tan­ger­ine dried zest, dried peach and a (very) dis­creet note of ci­gar box. The palate is fruity, min­eral, rel­a­tively pow­er­ful and of­fers a nice vol­ume and an acid frame acid. A rich but well-bal­anced style. In mouth this Porto ex­presses notes of dried ap­ple, can­died lemon and can­died tan­ger­ine as­so­ci­ated with hint of orange zest, caramel as well as a hint of pâtis­series and wal­nuts / al­mond. Good length and good per­sis­tence.

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