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The nose is fruity, gour­mand, aro­matic, slightly in­ci­sive and pre­cise. It re­veals notes of Zante cur­rant, crys­tal­lized Tan­ger­ine, lemon zests and grape­fruit zests as­so­ci­ated with hints of small yel­low fruits, a sub­tle hint of sweet red fruits (in the back­ground, cer­tainly due to the fin­ish) as well as slight oaky touches and spices. The palate is fruity, well­bal­anced, round, suave, quite aerial and offers a beau­ti­ful ten­sion, round­ness, a beau­ti­ful unc­tu­ous mat­ter as well as a beau­ti­ful gour­man­dise. In the mouth this wine ex­presses notes of crys­tal­lized clemen­tine, can­died ap­ple and slight notes of citrus zests, can­died lemon as­so­ci­ated with a touche of red fruits cream/black­berry cream as well as touches of caramel, toasted oak and vanilla.

Score : 16.25+

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