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A Wachau win­ery where wines pas­sion is a fam­ily his­tory

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Hoegl (Högl) is a young and fam­ily owned win­ery si­t­u­ated in the Wachau re­gion (Aus­tria) and founded by Josef Högl. For a long time the fam­ily de­liv­ered the grapes to the lo­cal co­op­er­a­tive. Af­ter study­ing oenol­ogy and work­ing at Prager Es­tate, Josef Högl de­cided to make his own wines on the es­tate. Start­ing with just 3 hectares the Högl fam­ily soon ex­tended the prop­erty. To­day Weingut Högl is stretches over 7 hectares of vine­yards, in­clud­ing ter­races. The win­ery is man­aged by J. Högl and his son, Ge­org.

This vine­yard is marked by dif­fi­cult ge­o­log­i­cal and cli­matic con­di­tions. In­deed, the Spitzer Graben val­ley is known to be an area par­tic­u­larly steep with an idio­syn­cratic cli­mate.At the Front of the Danube, their « ter­races are colder, more bar­ren, rugged and more stony » than most oth­ers in the Danube Val­ley re­gion. They re­quire a tra­di­tional skill, pas­sion and a lot of… pa­tience. How­ever, they pro­vide to their wine a spe­cific char­ac­ter mak­ing them so unique in the Wachau re­gion.The win­ery pro­duces mostly Ries­lings and the rest in Grüner Velt­liner. Let’s go to meet Ge­org Högl, the young wine­maker gen­er­a­tion.

Why is your ter­roir so spe­cific?

Ge­org Högl : We are lo­cated in the Spitzer Graben. This ter­roir is colder and more hos­tile than the other main wine ar­eas of the Danube val­ley.We have a very poor soil com­posed of pri­mary rock es­pe­cially gneis and slate. Ou very steep ter­races and dry stone walls keep the warmth from the day an give it back to the vines dur­ing nights, Spitzer­graben is the coolest and one of the high­est parts of the Wachau wine re­gion. In fact our ter­races are up to 460 me­ters hight.

Here we have cold nights but also very warm sum­mer days.

What is your sig­na­ture/im­print?

G. H.: Our wines are fresh, el­e­gant, pré­cise and strong but not to high in al­co­hol. They offer a nice acid­ity and a min­er­alic note from our favourite vine­yards bruck and schön. They have a long fin­ish. Our Smaragde are: deep, com­plex and long-last­ing wines.

The grapes, the soil, the slate, the location and the over­all ter­roir – should be mir­rored in the fin­ished prod­uct.We use and prac­tice some ideas from or­ganic agri­cul­ture. Healthy vines and a healthy ter­roir and a great at­ten­tion to our vine­yard are what the present and future qual­i­ties of our wines are based upon.

What rep­re­sents wine to you ? G. H.: To pro­duce wine is an honor and I think one of the most ex­cit­ing jobs in the world. To drink wine is for me part of a good life qual­ity. A bot­tle of wine is a gate to the cul­ture, the peo­ple and the land­scape of a wine­grow­ing-re­gion.

De­scribe your pas­sion for wine in 3 words…

G. H. : Live with (the) na­ture. Key terms that spring to mind: au­then­tic­ity, sus­tain­abil­ity and typ­ic­ity, but also open­ness and the abil­ity to learn.

De­scribe your pas­sion for wine in 3 words…

Josef M. Högl : For me, the Wachau re­gion rep­re­sents so much more than just home. It is in this land­scape that I have learned every­thing that makes me who I am to­day: here are not just the roots of my wines but also my own roots

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