Do­maine Fougeray de Beau­clair Les Aiges Pruniers 2015

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The nose is fruity, fresh, aro­matic and of­fers a slight juici­ness. It re­veals notes of ripe peach, wild flow­ers and slight hints of fresh lemon as­so­ci­ated with a sub­tle hint of fresh pear, crunchy flat peach, aro­matic herbs as well as slight touches of spices. The palate is fruity, juicy, silky, gour­mande and of­fers fat, a beau­ti­ful unc­tu­os­ity, a beau­ti­ful def­i­ni­tion, a slight acid frame, a beau­ti­ful juici­ness, a nice vol­ume, a beau­ti­ful fresh­ness as well as a good struc­ture. In the mouth this wine ex­presses notes of crushed mirabelle, yel­low peach and slight notes of quince as­so­ci­ated with touches of pear, ap­ple as well as a very dis­creet hint of lemon zests (in the back­ground) as well as a sub­tle hint of but­ter, vanilla oak and an im­per­cep­ti­ble hint of al­mon on the fin­ish.

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