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Château Coutet 1er Grand Cru Classé de Sauternes à Barsac

«I chose to of­fer you a Château Coutet, Barsac 2014 with a Turkey iced with apri­cot, tar­ragon but­ter and

caramelized ap­ples. Com­bin­ing power and fresh­ness in an ex­plo­sion of ex­otic fruitss and cit­rus, the wine brings to this dish a com­ple­men­tar­ity and an ex­quis­ite con­trast. The salty fon­dant of the turkey, the crisp­ness of its skin slightly sweet­ened by its sea­son­ing will be sub­li­mated by the sweet­ness and the min­eral tex­ture of the Château Coutet 2014. The glaze with apri­cot and the caramelized ap­ples will echo the fruity

aro­mas present in the wine.»

Château Fil­hot 2ème Grand Cru Classé de Sauternes

«I pro­pose to you the Sauternes-salty dish pair­ing made in 2016 by the FER­RANDI stu­dents with the Château Fil­hot 2009 dur­ing the con­test of

the best Wine and Food Pair­ing:

Lotte à la plan­cha, vir­gin sauce, vanilla emul­sion, clemen­tines roasted with Sichuan

pep­per, parsnip purée.»

Château rabaud-promis 1er Grand Cru Classé de Sauternes

«We made the choice to of­fer our Château RabaudPromis 2010 with a recipe of snacked lan­goustines, zests of com­bawa, pep­per emul­sion. The pair­ing here is built on sev­eral axes. The flesh of lan­goustines is melt­ing and dense. It re­sponds to the den­sity of the wine. The fresh­ness of the com­bawa and pep­per re­spond to the min­er­al­ity of the wine. The dish is fine, melt­ing and el­e­vated; the wine is fine, com­plex and greedy. It brings forth a rich com­bi­na­tion in the mouth, greedy and a beau­ti­ful aro­matic rich­ness.»

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