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«You might call our story the Cen­tral Ore­gon Dream»

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To talk about Cas­cade Alchemy is to speak about a great friends story! The dis­tillery was cre­ated in 2012 by Tyler Fradet. He was quickly joined by Joe Hale and af­ter by James Hale (Joe’s brother). The dis­tillery is lo­cated in Bend, in Cen­tral Ore­gon.

In Jan­uary 2013 they launched their first prod­ucts: Vodka, Ap­ple Pie and Bar­ley Shine. «How­ever it’s was just a few cases in the be­gin­ning…». Cur­rently they pro­duce an­nu­ally arount 1200/1800 cases di­vided 6 kind of spir­its, 8 prod­ucts.

Even if the dy­namic and touris­tic city of Bend is more know in the United-States for beer there is a great po­ten­tiel for spir­its. This new in­dus­try is grow­ing ev­ery year.

So, Let’s go to meet Tyler and Joe!

Where does the Cas­cade Alchemy Dis­tillery name come from?

Cas­cade comes from the moun­tain range we live near and Alchemy is be­cause we are turn­ing com­mon el­e­ments into liq­uid gold.

Why did you make the choice to cre­ate a dis­tillery there? First of all, we love Bend ! We grew up here. Both Joe and I (Tyler Fradet) where look­ing for a change in ca­reer and had ex­pe­ri­ence in dis­till­ing.The qual­ity of the wa­ter is amaz­ing, it’s pure di­rectly from the moun­tain. It’s also re­ally easy to find high qual­ity grain around Bend.

Why do you make spir­its? why this choice?

It’s true that Bend is more known for beer but we are spir­its peo­ple. We re­ally have an affin­ity for the ex­cit­ing di­ver­sity of spir­its world.We like to bring qual­ity op­tions with unique fla­vor pro­files at an af­ford­able price.We chose to do our part in our re­gion. Ju­niper berrys grow right out­side our dis­tillery.We want to help bring the reg­u­lar per­son into the world of craft spir­its.To sum up I would say we make spir­its be­cause we love them !

What al­lows us to rec­og­nize your Bour­bon and your Gin in blind tast­ing?

The bour­bon is very ap­proach­able, rich in vanilla and caramels and very well bal­anced. It is more oaky, more smoky more spicy then oth­ers in this area. It’s more close to a Scotch style than a Bour­bon strength style …may be be­cause we are Scotch fans.

Con­cern­ing our Gin it’s fresh and light.It has a very flo­ral, Ju­niper berries note and a clean cu­cum­ber note.We also pro­duce a bar­rel aged Gin…

If you have to de­scribe the dis­tillery, the spirit of this place in just a few words?

Fun, cre­ative, con­sis­tency and clas­sic. If I can add words I would like to say ; unique, and smooth.

Do you have fu­ture plans ?

Con­tin­ued growth, find new mar­kets : States and county. One of our plans is also to bring out more whiskey va­ri­eties such as Rey, light Amer­i­can, moon shine… We do have some plans to pro­duce some Amer­i­can Whiskey may be fin­ish in Pinot Noir bar­rel.

We also re­ally would like to pro­duce lim­ited re­leases, dif­fer­ent fin­ishes and a white whiskey.

«Please don’t for­get that Life is too short for cheap spir­its.»

(Thank you to Tyler Fradet & Joe Hale)

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