Ore­gon Spirit Dis­tillers

The largest whiskey bar­rel in­ven­tory in the state of Ore­gon !

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Ore­gon Spirit Dis­tillers is a fam­ily op­er­ated dis­tillery lo­cated in Bend, Cen­tral Ore­gon. It was founded in 2009 by Brad Ir­win. The first prod­uct was re­leased in 2010. He started dis­till­ing be­cause of his pas­sion and cu­rios­ity for Whiskey and more gen­er­ally for the great Spir­its world.

Ore­gon Spirit Dis­tillers is fo­cused on us­ing the best qual­ity Ore­gon grown grains, us­ing the best pos­si­ble Ore­gon wa­ter and the a pas­sion for ex­cel­lence to pro­duce great spir­its. « We are proud to have the largest whiskey bar­rel in­ven­tory in the state of Ore­gon. »

They pro­duce : Ore­gon Spirit Bour­bon, Ore­gon Spirit Wheat Whiskey, Ore­gon Spirit Rye Whiskey, Mer­rylegs Gen­ever, Scrib­bles Dry Gin and Wild Card Ab­sinthe. « Our to­tal whiskey pro­duc­tion this year will be 240 bar­rels… It’s 95% of our to­tal pro­duc­tion.»

Why did you make the choice to cre­ate a dis­tillery in Bend ?

Bend, Ore­gon is a beau­ti­ful place to live, work and play… and make whiskey. In Cen­tral Ore­gon we have ac­cess to fan­tas­tic grains and great qual­ity of wa­ter.Those are the most im­por­tant re­sources for mak­ing ex­cel­lent whiskey.

Why do you make spir­its ? Why this choice ?

I love mak­ing Whiskey. It took me years of my life to dis­cover the thing that I am truly pas­sion­ate about and that is mak­ing whiskey.

What is your sig­na­ture/print?

Mak­ing great Amer­i­can whiskey is about find­ing the per­fect bal­ance of grain and wood.You need the grain to pro­vide fla­vor and body.You need the oak to mel­low the fla­vor and pro­vide bal­ance.This is the sig­na­ture fla­vor of Ore­gon Spirit


What does Bour­bon rep­re­sent to you ?

Mak­ing Bour­bon is look­ing for the per­fect bal­ance be­tween grain and wood. Nei­ther should be too strong. Both should com­pli­ment each other. Like­wise the grains should be in har­mony to pro­duce a long and in­ter­est­ing fin­ish. Corn should be preva­lent but not dom­i­nant.

If you have to de­scribe your pas­sion for spir­its mak­ing in 3 words?

Pur­suit of Ex­cel­lence.

Do you have any fu­ture plan ?

We are in the process of in­creas­ing our whiskey pro­duc­tion from 240 bar­rels per year to 800. This is a large jump in pro­duc­tion. It in­cludes ex­tra shifts for our em­ploy­ees, more grain re­quire­ments and ex­tra stor­age for bar­rels.

(Thank you to Brad Ir­win, owner)

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