U.S. il­le­gal im­mi­gra­tion by the num­bers

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11.3 mil­lion unau­tho­rized im­mi­grants in 2016: 5.6 mil­lion Mex­i­can unau­tho­rized im­mi­grants and 5.7 mil­lion non-Mex­i­can unau­tho­rized im­mi­grants Main coun­tries of ori­gin in 2017: Mex­ico (55% of unau­tho­rized im­mi­grants), El Sal­vador (6%), Gu­atemala (5%), In­dia (4%), Hon­duras (3%) and the Philip­pines (3%) 8 mil­lion unau­tho­rized im­mi­grants in the U.S. civil­ian work­force

since 2009 250,000 ba­bies born to unau­tho­rized im­mi­grant par­ents in 2016, ac­count­ing for 6% of the to­tal births that year

5 mil­lion U.S.-born chil­dren younger than 18 liv­ing with at least one unau­tho­rized

im­mi­grant par­ent in 2016 Six states ac­count for 59% of unau­tho­rized im­mi­grants: Cal­i­for­nia, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Illi­nois unau­tho­rized il­le­gal, un­doc­u­mented / civil­ian per­son who is not a mem­ber of the armed forces/po­lice / work­force work­ing pop­u­la­tion / to ac­count for to rep­re­sent / law­ful le­gal.

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