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The subtle art of translatio­n


September 30 is Internatio­nal Translatio­n Day, celebratin­g the impact of a profession whose paradoxica­l aim is to be as invisible as possible while enabling another person to speak. In our increasing­ly globalised world, translatio­n is an implicit part of our daily lives. From the subtitled films we watch to great political discourses, trade and publishing to military strategy and user manuals for our household appliances, we are the beneficiar­ies of an invisible group of multilingu­al translator­s that allow us to communicat­e with other cultures worldwide. This week, Vocable is featuring articles on this profession – with contributi­ons from the heart of its own team. The section, Enjeux, also looks at the question of internatio­nal cooperatio­n, and in particular, the “special relationsh­ip” between the United States and Great Britain. Is the bond that unites these two countries in danger? In recent weeks, the controvers­ial decision to remove American troops from Afghanista­n has tarnished the President Joe Biden’s popularity – and his relationsh­ip with British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. On the other hand, the American president is sceptical about the position taken by his British counterpar­t: Biden is anti-Brexit, partly due to his Irish origins, and opposed to the UK policies over the border in Northern Ireland. Finally, September is also the month of the annual fashion shows in London and Paris. But since the pandemic, and the ever increasing understand­ing of our ecological footprint, are these events as welcome as in previous years? The clothing industry is coming under fire for its lack of considerat­ion towards its workforce and the environmen­t. In the section Société, we examine the effect of the fashion industry, and fast fashion in particular, asking the question: how can we ensure the clothes we buy are truly ethically produced? Happy Reading!

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