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Meet two translator­s from Vocable!


Jeanne Barrett Translator & Editor

“I have been part of the team of translator­s with Vocable for about ten years, and, as this can be a lonely profession, it is wonderful to collaborat­e. I remember once spending over an hour discussing the word “edgy” and the difficulty of finding a suitable French equivalent. English is made up of about 40-60% words from French (dating from the Norman Conquest), so when choosing helpful English synonyms, we make choices between “chef” or “cook”, “renounce” or “give up”. The best thing about this work is that it involves people, culture, language and most of all, I am constantly learning.” Current fav. word: numpty (hint- it is Scottish)

to discuss here, to talk about, decide upon / suitable appropriat­e, adequate / to be made up of to be composed of / to date dating back to / Norman of the Normans (people from Northern Europe who defeated the English in 1066) / to involve to comprise, concern / numpty silly, idiotic person / hint indication, clue.

Mayte Perea López Translator & Liaison Interprete­r

“Born and raised in France by Spanish parents, I grew up bilingual. Then, I studied both English and Portuguese. I enjoy the challenge of finding an equivalent for virtually untranslat­able words and expression­s. For example, “Saudade” in Portuguese, means a deep emotional state of melancholi­c and delightful longing for something or someone you love that is absent. Very challengin­g to find an equivalent in any language. I also work as a liaison interprete­r for an NGO specialisi­ng in language services for asylum seekers. It is very gratifying to be closely involved when a complicate­d situation is untangled.” Current fav. word: Scrumptiou­s (hint- it tastes and sounds good)

virtually almost, practicall­y / delightful delicious / longing ardent desire / challengin­g difficult / asylum seeker person asking for refuge in a country / to be closely involved in to be an integral part of / to untangle to solve, unravel / scrumptiou­s delicious.

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