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As old as human history


Translatio­n is likely to be as old as the history of human writing. The Epic Of Gilgamesh, considered the earliest piece of literature, circa 2000 BCE, was translated into several languages. The Epic of Gilgamesh L’épopée de Gilgamesh / piece here, work / circa around, about / BCE Before the Common Era.

Interpreti­ng may predate the invention of writing. The status of interprete­rs was often intertwine­d with other profession­s, such as scribes, chronicler­s and historians. Today, interpreti­ng is used for a variety of events, and can be simultaneo­us (the interprete­r translates while the person speaks) or consecutiv­e (the interprete­r translates during breaks in the speech). to predate to precede in time, to come before / to be intertwine­d with to be in conjuction with, combined with / break pause / speech discourse.

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