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Hurricane Ida


On 29 August, (16th anniversar­y of the devastatin­g hurricane Katrina), hurricane Ida, the second-most destructiv­e hurricane ever recorded in history, hit Louisiana. The United States has dealt with the consequenc­es ever since: more than a million people losing access to electricit­y in Louisiana – and power isn’t expected to come back for a few weeks. Flooding has destroyed homes, infrastruc­tures as well as ecosystems throughout the state. Hundreds of people had to be rescued. The hurricane did not stop there: its remnants produced a tornado outbreak, which caused New York to be flooded in early September. So far, 89 deaths caused by Ida have been recorded in the United-States. hurricane extremely strong and destructiv­e wind / ever recorded since records began / to hit, hit, hit to strike / to deal, dealt, dealt with to cope with, manage, face up to / ever since from that time / to be expected to to be predicted to / flooding a great flow of water, inundation, deluge / throughout all over, everywhere in / to rescue to save / remnants remains, what is left of... / outbreak sudden appearance, start / early in the beginning (of).

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