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Where do spiders come from?


Daddy-long-legs are known to appear out of nowhere on the ceiling of your house, but where do they actually come from? A popular belief is that they enter through the window – but house spiders are actually made to live in our homes. Daddy-long-legs are a Mediterran­ean species, used to the warmer temperatur­e of our homes. As Autumn settles in, they’re likely to multiply, as it is their mating season – expect male spiders to be crawling around your house, looking for love. The phenomenon is normal: “even the cleanest, smallest house will have a good 20 to 40 spiders,” stated entomologi­st and self-proclaimed “bug man” Richard Jones to the BBC. But if you get rid of them by throwing them out window, they won’t settle in your garden: instead, they are more likely to move in with your neighbours!

daddy-longlegs (Phalangium opilio) spiderlike arachnid with very long thin legs / ceiling top inside surface of a room / belief conviction, here opinion, point of view / to be used to to be accustomed to, to be familiar with / to settle in to adapt to, to get used to / to be likely to to be more inclined to / mating season time of year when reproducti­on takes place / to expect to anticipate / to crawl to move around / self-proclaimed described by oneself / bug insect / to get, got, got rid of to remove / to throw, threw, thrown to fling, toss, here, put outside / to move in here, to go to live with.

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