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A guided smelling tour


Ernesto Collado, a perfumer from the small city of Cap de Creus in Catalonia, Spain, is offering a new kind experience for tourists: guided smelling tours. During a walk through the countrysid­e, he invites them to take the time to smell a variety of wild plants and flowers. Collado got the idea when he noted that smell is often neglected in our society, in favour of neutral and chemical odours. “Smelling has a power that none of the other senses have,” he told The New York Times, “it is molecular, it goes to the essence of the essence.” A good reminder to – literally – smell the roses, after a year of mask-wearing.

to smell, smelled or smelt to breathe in or detect a fragrance / guided tour visit with commentary / countrysid­e rural area / wild growing naturally / to note to perceive, observe, notice, remark / to neglect to forget, ignore / reminder evocation / to smell, smelled or smelt the roses (fig.) to be aware of/ enjoy the good things/nature’s gifts / mask-wearing protected face coverings for Covid.

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