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Will islands in the Pacific disappear?


Kirivati, Tuvalu and the Marshalls are among the many islands of the South Pacific which are now at risk of disappeari­ng because of climate change. In recent years, sea levels, higher tides and harsher cyclones have increased, damaging local crops, housing and putting the population at risk. Leaders are now faced with the task of preparing for an uncertain future. Some have opted for pragmatic, yet costly solutions: Kirivati’s leaders are currently planning to raise the island higher above the sea. For others, the only solution is a permanent move. The government of Tuvalu has recently formed an alliance of Pacific islands within the UN, working towards a problemati­c future: how do you relocate an entire population?

at risk in danger / tide ebb and flow of the sea (twice daily) / harsh severe, violent, extreme / to damage to harm, destroy / crop agricultur­al plant / housing residentia­l property, homes / leader elected head of state / to be faced with to be confronted by / yet but / costly expensive / to raise to elevate / UN = United Nations (Organisati­on) / to relocate to move to a new place.

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