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Gaming limitation­s


China is known for its heavy regulation of individual freedoms, from censorship to the famous “social credit system,” where each citizen is graded and prevented from accessing certain facilities or services if their score is too low. Recently, the state has decided to limit children’s entertainm­ent, by regulating video games. As part of a new “anti-addiction system,” they will only be able to play online games for an hour, three days a week. China is currently the largest video game industry in the world – this new regulation is likely to hurt its economy, and expand the grey market for videos games.

heavy considerab­le / regulation here, legal requiremen­ts / censorship government control of books, films and news which are considered unacceptab­le to society / to grade to classify / to prevent from to stop from / facility site, centre / entertainm­ent form of amusement / to be likely to to risk / to expand to develp, increase.

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