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Free the nipple!


A group of women recently gathered in front of the British headquarte­rs of Facebook for a tongue-in-cheek protest. Dressed as giant breasts, decorated with the sentence “This is art!”, they were protesting against the platform’s censorship of photos where female nipples are visible. The participan­ts were medical tattoo artists and breast cancer survivors, who wish for their work – or their chest – to be posted on the platform without the risk of being banned. to free to liberate / nipple the small dark part of the breast that sticks out / to gather to assemble, get together, meet up / headquarte­rs main offices of an organisati­on / tongue-in-cheek humorous way of making a point / protest demonstrat­ion / to be dressed as to be in disguise as / breast milk-producing gland found on the chest of women / censorship action or policy of examing films, books etc for offensive or unacceptab­le parts / chest torso / to ban to prohibit.

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