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Worldwide movement of solidarity for Ukraine


Initiative­s of solidarity for Ukrainians, forced to flee their war-ravaged country, are growing worldwide. In Britain, over 100,000 citizens signed up to the platform, Homes for Ukraine, offering shelter to Ukrainian families for several months. Unfortunat­ely, the administra­tive process is laborious, and many Ukrainians are complainin­g of long delays and a lack of visibility concerning their demands. In our feature article, four people hoping to offer accommodat­ion talk about why they made this choice, and what concerns they have, as well as how they will manage the arrangemen­ts. The culinary sector has also mobilised support. The initiative Cook For Ukraine, set up in London by the Ukrainian chef, Olia Hercules and Russian chef, Alissa Timoshkina, encourages cooking profession­als and fans to raise funds by preparing and sharing Ukrainian dishes. In the United States, California­n chefs are making dishes in the colours of the Ukrainian flag to send funds to NGO’s, such as the World Central Kitchen. In our section, Société, we take a look at a very difficult part of history, the witch-hunts in Scotland. On Internatio­nal Women’s Day, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon made an official apology concerning the victims, most of whom were women, executed for witchcraft between the 16th and 18th centuries. This is a first in the history of Scotland. Many groups have asked for those executed to be officially pardoned and for a national monument to honour their memory. Finally, in our section, Découverte, you will find an article on researcher­s analysing the sounds of pigs to identify their emotions. This should make it easier to ensure their well-being in the future. Happy Reading!

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