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Arnold Schwarzene­gger


Arnold Schwarzene­gger released an emotional video addressed to the people of Russia. The 74-year-old actor and former California governor largely focused on stating the basic facts of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in an attempt to counter Russian state propaganda. The Austrian-born actor also candidly invoked his father’s dark history as a Nazi sergeant when addressing the Russian government’s false claims that its troops are engaged in the “de-nazificati­on” of Ukraine. He told Russian soldiers he didn’t want them to be “broken like [his] father”. Schwarzene­gger closed with a message of support to Russian protesters who have risked imprisonme­nt to take to the streets to voice opposition to the war in Ukraine.

to release here, to emit, send out / former ex / largely for the most part / to focus on to concentrat­e on / to state to assert, declare / to counter here, to fight against / claim argument / protester demonstrat­or / to take, took, taken to the streets to start protesting (in the streets) / to voice to express.

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