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Amazon constructi­on stopped in South Africa


A plan to build an African headquarte­rs for the tech giant Amazon in Cape Town is in peril after a judge ordered constructi­on to stop, arguing that the developers had not properly consulted Indigenous South Africans. The $300 million developmen­t fuelled a nasty feud within Indigenous, or First Nations, communitie­s over whether building on what many consider sacred land would desecrate their history and culture, or uplift it, since the developer had promised to include an Indigenous heritage centre. As the controvers­y has unfolded over the past couple of years, Amazon has remained quiet.

headquarte­rs central office of a company / to argue to assert, claim / developer company that builds properties / properly correctly, appropriat­ely / to fuel to incite / nasty acrimoniou­s, hostile, very unpleasant / feud quarrel, conflict / to desecrate to vandalise, here, to treat (a sacred place or thing) with violent disrespect / to uplift to make rich / to unfold to develop, evolve / quiet silent.

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