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Black women only World War II battalion gets recognitio­n


The 6888th central post directory battalion, the only all-Black, all-female second world war battalion will be awarded the congressio­nal gold medal after Joe Biden signed a bipartisan bill to honour the women’s contributi­on. Created in 1944, the group, also known as the “six triple eight”, included 824 enlisted Black women and 31 officers from the women’s army corps, the army service forces and the army air forces. The only group of African American women to serve overseas sorted and routed mail for over 4 million American service members and civilians in Europe. Out of the 850 members in the unit, only six are still alive.

recognitio­n acknowledg­ement and homage / to award to honor, accolade with / bill proposed law / to honour to pay homage to / to enlist to sign up in the military / to serve to spend time on military duty / overseas abroad, in foreign countries / to sort to classify, organise / to route to dispatch / mail post.

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