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Russian court bans Facebook and Instagram


A Russian court took further action against Meta’s Facebook and Instagram under the country’s “extremism” law, banning the companies from doing business in Russia but allowing Russian users to continue using WhatsApp. The order follows Russia’s announceme­nt on 4 March that it would block access to Facebook and Twitter after Meta banned several state media accounts. It will now be prohibited from opening branches or doing business in Russia. The Russian prosecutor general’s office cited calls for violence against Russian citizens on Meta-owned platforms as a reason for the ban.

to ban to prohibit, censure / to take, took, taken action to do sth, take measures / law legislatio­n / business commercial activity of a company / to allow to permit, authorize / account profile / to be prohibited from doing sth to prevent/stop from doing sth / prosecutor person appointed to conduct criminal prosecutio­ns in the public interest / office here, official statement made on behalf of sb by their representa­tives / to cite to explain, justify by stating, to refer to.

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