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The Monarchy in trouble


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been on tour in the Caribbean on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II for her Platinum Jubilee, despite some controvers­y. The royals were forced to cancel their first trip to Belize, after local protests. A day later, Jamaican politician­s, business leaders, doctors and musicians signed an open letter calling for the British monarchy to apologise for colonialis­m and pay slavery reparation­s. As the country celebrates 60 years of independen­ce, this visit is seen by many as a charm offensive to persuade other Caribbean nations not to follow Barbados in removing the Queen as head of state this year. on behalf of in the name of / Platinum Jubilee event marking the 70th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II (2022) / royal member of the royal family / to cancel to annul, call off / protest demonstrat­ion / to call for to demand / to apologise to say sorry / slavery practice of owning slaves / charm offensive here, a gesture to solicit favour / to remove to take away from power, eliminate the status of / head of state here, reigning monarch.

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