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Variously described as “Dishy Rishi”, “Britain’s economic Jedi” and “the next Prime Minister”, Rishi Sunak was first elected as the Conservati­ve MP for Richmond, North Yorkshire, in 2015. Since 2019, Sunak has served as Chancellor of the Exchequer, having first entered the Cabinet in 2019 as Chief Secretary to the Treasury. He has been under intense pressure to take action to help households with the rocketing cost of fuel and other essentials. In his latest Spring Statement on 23 March, Sunak announced that he would lower fuel duty by 5p and promised a cut in income tax. variously out of a variety / MP = Member of Parliament / to serve as to have the function of / Chancellor of the Exchequer finance minister / cabinet committee of senior ministers, the government / Chief Secretary to the Treasury second most senior British Treasury Minister / to rocket to go up suddenly and rapidly / essentials essential products / statement declaratio­n / duty here, tax / cut reduction / income tax tax paid on one’s salary.

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