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A carnival of humanity


A procession of bright, multi-coloured figures ‘parading’ down the entire length of Tate Britain, are on display as part of a major new public installati­on that addresses urgent contempora­ry issues including the climate emergency, Black Lives Matter and the invasion of Ukraine. The Procession by Hew Locke is made up of 150 life-sized figures staging a powerful and unsettling procession. Intricatel­y handmade, with an abundance of bold colours, the figures spark ideas of pilgrimage, migration, trade, carnival, protest, social celebratio­n as well as our own individual journey through life. figure silhouette / to parade to show, exhibit (in formation of a line) / Tate Britain national gallery of British art in London / on display on show / to be made up of to be composed of, to feature / life-sized as large as a person / to stage here, to form / unsettling troubling, disturbing / intricatel­y complicate­d, in fine elaborate detail, artistical­ly / bold intense, bright / to spark to cause, provoke, instigate / pilgrimage journey to a place of religious or cultural importance / trade business, commerce / journey voyage.

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