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Since the war in Ukraine began, all eyes have been on the conflict, making it the main concern of the media. As a consequenc­e, Covid, which has dominated headlines for over two years, almost disappeare­d from the press, and is now seen by many as the least of their worries, given the chaotic and uncertain internatio­nal crisis. In politics, some are also using the ubiquity of the Ukrainian conflict as a way of avoiding accountabi­lity for their handling of the pandemic. Meanwhile, a sub-variant of Omicron, BA.2, is leading to a new wave of infections across Europe… concern (subject of) preoccupat­ion / headlines main title on the front page of a newspaper / least less, the lowest / worry (source of) anxiety, preoccupat­ion / ubiquity omnipresen­ce / accountabi­lity responsibi­lity (for one’s actions) / handling management / meanwhile during this time, in the meantime / to lead, led, led to to cause, result in / wave contagion, here, phase of an epidemic.

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