Fo­cus : la guerre du strea­ming est dé­cla­rée

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Sub­scri­bers: over 110 mil­lion. Half of them are in the Uni­ted States.

No­table ori­gi­nal shows: Stran­ger Things, Nar­cos, Thir­teen rea­sons why, The OA, The Crown…

Net­flix is plan­ning on spen­ding up to $8 bil­lion on content in 2018, a 33 percent in­crease com­pa­red to 2017.

sub­scri­ber abon­né / show ici, pro­gramme, sé­rie / bil­lion mil­liard / content conte­nu ici, pro­gramme.


Sub­scri­bers: over 17 mil­lion

No­table ori­gi­nal show: The

Hand­maid’s Tale. The se­ries, star­ring Eli­za­beth Moss, won eight Em­mys in 2017 and two Gol­den Globes in 2018.

Ow­ners: Dis­ney, Com­cast and Time War­ner. They have de­ci­ded to sell back li­bra­ries of their hit TV shows like This Is Us and 30 Rock to Hu­lu ra­ther than Net­flix.

The Hand­maid’s Tale VF = La Ser­vante écar­late / to star avoir dans le rôle prin­ci­pal / Em­my (awards) prix ré­com­pen­sant les meilleures émis­sions et les meilleurs pro­fes­sion­nels de la té­lé­vi­sion amé­ri­caine / li­bra­ry ici, ca­ta­logue / hit à suc­cès, phare.


No­table ori­gi­nal show: The Mar­ve­lous Mrs.

Mai­sel won the 2018 Gol­den Globes for best TV co­me­dy and best ac­tress in a co­me­dy se­ries.

Chal­lenges: Last year was dif­fi­cult for Ama­zon’s strea­ming ser­vice. Top lea­ders at the en­ter­tain­ment di­vi­sion were ous­ted and ma­ny of its ori­gi­nal TV se­ries fai­led to gain real trac­tion. But still, Ama­zon is in­ves­ting plen­ty of mo­ney and could be­come a real ri­val to Net­flix if it de­ploys its re­sources in the right way.

to oust évin­cer / to gain trac­tion sus­ci­ter l’in­té­rêt, at­ti­rer l’at­ten­tion / in the right way ici, à bon es­cient, stra­té­gi­que­ment.

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