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US Pre­sident Do­nald Trump dis­plays the $1.5 tril­lion tax ove­rhaul pa­ckage he si­gned on De­cem­ber 22 in the Oval Of­fice of the White House. The reform marks Trump’s first ma­jor le­gis­la­tive win. It brings the US cor­po­rate tax rate down to 21% from the cur­rent 35%, while the top in­di­vi­dual in­come tax drops to 37% from 39.6%. Ac­cor­ding to Re­pu­bli­cans, tax cuts for cor­po­ra­tions, small bu­si­nesses and in­di­vi­duals will boost eco­no­mic growth. De­mo­crats, who vo­ted against the bill, argue it fa­vours on­ly the rich, at the ex­pense of the na­tio­nal de­fi­cit. This new tax law is the most swee­ping ove­rhaul of the US tax sys­tem in th­ree de­cades.

to dis­play ici, pré­sen­ter / tril­lion mille mil­liards / ove­rhaul re­fonte, ré­forme (glo­bale) / pa­ckage en­semble de me­sures / cor­po­rate tax im­pôt sur les so­cié­tés / in­di­vi­dual in­come tax im­pôt sur les re­ve­nus des par­ti­cu­liers / to boost sti­mu­ler, dy­na­mi­ser / bill ici, pro­jet de loi / to fa­vour avan­ta­ger / at the ex­pense of au dé­tri­ment de, aux dé­pens de / swee­ping vaste, com­plet.

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