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Down­town Detroit has always had plen­ty of as­sets – among which the fa­mous “Greek­town”, a his­to­ric com­mer­cial and en­ter­tain­ment dis­trict, and it has been one of the first areas to be re­ha­bi­li­ta­ted in Detroit, most­ly thanks to bil­lio­naire Dan Gil­bert, who has bought up most of the area’s of­fice space and led big de­ve­lop­ment pro­jects. Since 2006, more than $9 bil­lion has been in­ves­ted in Down­town. The Cam­pus Mar­tius Park was one of Down­town’s first and most suc­cess­ful re­de­ve­lop­ment pro­jects. The re­con­fi­gu­red park ope­ned in 2004 and has be­come Detroit’s ga­the­ring place thanks to its beau­ti­ful gardens and his­to­ri­cal ame­ni­ties. down­town (du) centre-ville; ici, nom du quar­tier / as­set atout / among parmi / en­ter­tain­ment divertissement, loi­sirs / to re­ha­bi­li­tate ici, re­cons­truire / thanks to grâce à / bil­lio­naire mil­liar­daire / to buy, bought, bought up ra­che­ter / to lead, led, led me­ner, di­ri­ger / de­ve­lop­ment construc­tion, amé­na­ge­ment / to re­con­fi­gure ré­amé­na­ger / ga­the­ring place lieu de ras­sem­ble­ment / ame­ni­ties amé­na­ge­ments.


Like Down­town, Midtown Detroit has a lot to of­fer. Not only is it the ci­ty’s his­to­ric cultu­ral centre, in­clu­ding Wayne State Uni­ver­si­ty and the Col­lege for Crea­tive Stu­dies, ma­ny mu­seums and cultu­ral ins­ti­tu­tions, it al­so of­fers sports and en­ter­tain­ment ve­nues, res­tau­rants and re­tail stores. And, along with Down­town, it is home to the Detroit Theatre Dis­trict, the se­cond lar­gest theatre dis­trict in the Uni­ted States. The Lit­tle Cae­sars Are­na played a ma­jor role in re­vi­ta­li­sing the area. This mul­ti-pur­pose are­na, which ope­ned in Sep­tem­ber 2017, serves as the home of the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Pis­tons. col­lege uni­ver­si­té, fa­cul­té / ve­nue lieu (pu­blic), salle / re­tail store ma­ga­sin (de vente au dé­tail) / along with ici, tout comme / to be home to abri­ter; ici, comprendre (fig.) / are­na ici, stade / mul­ti­pur­pose mul­tiu­sage, po­ly­va­lent / to host ac­cueillir, organiser.


The Heidelberg Pro­ject is an art pro­ject crea­ted in 1986 by ar­tist Ty­ree Guy­ton. In an at­tempt to rei­ma­gine his neigh­bou­rhood, he star­ted pain­ting the houses of the area and at­ta­ching sal­va­ged items to them. Soon, the pro­ject brought com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers to­ge­ther and The Heidelberg Pro­ject be­came the ci­ty’s first out­door mu­seum. The pro­ject has evol­ved: “Heidelberg 3.0” now fea­tures an edu­ca­tion space and youth pro­gram. at­tempt ten­ta­tive, en­tre­prise / to rei­ma­gine ré­in­ven­ter, re­pen­ser / neigh­bou­rhood quar­tier / to sal­vage ré­cu­pé­rer / item ob­jet / to bring, brought, brought to­ge­ther ras­sem­bler, fé­dé­rer / out­door ex­té­rieur / to fea­ture ici, in­clure / youth (pour) les jeunes, jeu­nesse.


The Heidelberg Pro­ject.


Cam­pus Mar­tius Park.

(Lau­ra McDer­mott/The New York Times)

Breayre Ten­der du­ring a per­for­mance of "Detroit at the Os­born Neigh­bo­rhood '67" Al­liance.


Lit­tle Cae­sars Are­na.

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