Kim Yo-jong

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She may not have been com­pe­ting for a me­dal, but North Ko­rean lea­der Kim Jong-un’s sis­ter was de­fi­ni­te­ly the star of the 2018 Win­ter Olym­pic Games. Kim Yo-jong sat close to the US Vice Pre­sident Mike Pence du­ring the ope­ning ce­re­mo­ny, made a sur­prise ap­pea­rance at the ho­ckey match fea­tu­ring a com­bi­ned Ko­rean team com­pe­ting against Swit­zer­land, and de­li­ve­red an of­fi­cial in­vi­ta­tion for South Ko­rean pre­sident Moon Jae-in to vi­sit Pyon­gyang as soon as pos­sible. She was the first mem­ber of her fa­mi­ly to vi­sit the South in more than 60 years. “Kim’s vi­sit couldn’t be more ef­fec­tive from the North Ko­rean pu­blic re­la­tions point of view,” Oh Young-jin, ma­na­ging edi­tor of the Ko­rea Times, wrote.

to com­pete concou­rir / de­fi­ni­te­ly sans nul doute/conteste / fea­tu­ring com­pre­nant; ici, au­quel par­ti­ci­pait / com­bi­ned mixte (des deux Co­rées) / Swit­zer­land (la) Suisse (ca­pi­tale: Berne) / to de­li­ver ici, for­mu­ler, lan­cer / ef­fec­tive ef­fi­cace, «im­pac­tant» / ma­na­ging edi­tor ré­dac­teur en chef.

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