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The ci­ty is foun­ded by French ex­plo­rer An­toine de La­mo­theCa­dillac. The Lon­don Trea­ty is si­gned. It gives the ci­ty to the Ame­ri­cans. A fire burns to ashes most of the ci­ty’s buil­dings. Fa­ther Ga­briel Ri­chard writes the La­tin maxim Spe­ra­mus Me­lio­ra; Re­sur­get Ci­ne­ri­bus («We hope for bet­ter things; it will arise from the ashes.»), which be­comes the ci­ty’s of­fi­cial mot­to. Hen­ry Ford creates the Ford Mo­tor Com­pa­ny. Ber­ry Gor­dy Jr founds The Mo­town, the fa­mous re­cord com­pa­ny de­di­ca­ted to soul mu­sic. The 12th Street Riot, one of the bloo­diest riots that took place in the Uni­ted States, kills 43 people and in­jures 342 others. Co­le­man Young, Detroit’s first Black mayor, is elec­ted. The ci­ty files for ban­krupt­cy. It is the lar­gest Ame­ri­can ci­ty to have done so. The ci­ty’s plan for ad­just­ment of its debts is ap­pro­ved. Detroit of­fi­cial­ly exits ban­krupt­cy. trea­ty trai­té / fire incendie / to burn to ashes ici, ré­duire en cendres/à néant / to arise, arose, ari­sen pro­ve­nir, éma­ner, naître / mot­to de­vise / re­cord com­pa­ny mai­son de disques / to be de­di­ca­ted to être dé­dié/consa­cré à / riot sou­lè­ve­ment po­pu­laire, émeute / to take, took, ta­ken place avoir lieu, sur­ve­nir / to in­jure bles­ser / mayor maire / to file for ban­krupt­cy dé­po­ser le bi­lan / so ici, ce­la / debt dette(s).

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