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Ac­cor­ding to new re­search, young Ja­pa­nese people are not ha­ving sex. Near­ly a third of Ja­pa­nese people aged 18 to 34 have ne­ver had sex. On the one hand, some Ja­pa­nese men say they “find wo­men sca­ry” and lack self-confi­dence to ask them out. On the other hand, Ja­pa­nese wo­men com­plain that men “can­not be bo­the­red” to ask them out be­cause they can watch porn on the In­ter­net. This seems to ex­plain Ja­pan’s steep po­pu­la­tion de­cline in part… shy ti­mide / ac­cor­ding to d’après / near­ly près de / on the one hand... on the other hand d’une part... d’autre part / sca­ry ici, in­ti­mi­dant / to lack man­quer de / self-confi­dence con­fiance en soi, assurance / to ask sb out in­vi­ter qn à sor­tir / to com­plain se plaindre, dé­plo­rer / to bo­ther prendre la peine / to seem sem­bler / steep ici, fort.

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