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A 30-year-old trans­gen­der wo­man has been able to breast­feed her ba­by in the first re­cor­ded case of its kind. The case was pu­bli­shed in Trans­gen­der Health. The wo­man, who had been on hor­mone re­pla­ce­ment the­ra­py for six years, but had not had gen­der reas­si­gn­ment sur­ge­ry, went to see doc­tors while her part­ner was pre­gnant. She told them that her part­ner wouldn’t want to breast­feed the ba­by and that she was willing to do it her­self. The doc­tors put her on a th­ree-and-a-half-month course of treat­ment, and she was able to breast­feed for 6 weeks af­ter birth. The ba­by grew and de­ve­lo­ped heal­thi­ly du­ring this time. mo­the­rhood ma­ter­ni­té / trans­gen­der trans­genre, trans­sexuel / to be able to être en me­sure de, pou­voir / to breast­feed, breast­fed, breast­fed nour­rir au sein, al­lai­ter / re­cor­ded ici, connu / kind genre / health santé / hor­mone re­pla­ce­ment the­ra­py trai­te­ment hor­mo­nal de sub­sti­tu­tion / gen­der reas­si­gn­ment sur­ge­ry chi­rur­gie de ré­at­tri­bu­tion sexuelle / pre­gnant en­ceinte / to be willing to être prêt à / course of treat­ment trai­te­ment.

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