1 Re­trou­vez le vo­ca­bu­laire uti­li­sé pour par­ler de ce pro­blème d’ali­men­ta­tion en eau (wa­ter sup­ply).

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Cape Town faces Day Ze­ro (voir ar­ticle page 10) 1. Use­ful for kee­ping clothes clean but uses a lot of wa­ter (2 mots) 2. What you do af­ter using the toi­let 3. This uses less wa­ter than ha­ving a bath 4. Gives ac­cess to the wa­ter sup­ply, in the cen­ter of a vil­lage for example. 5. A way of scoo­ping wa­ter to trans­fer it from one place to ano­ther 6. This can be the re­sult of a lack of wa­ter 7. A lack of wa­ter 8. What you need to do to 10 or 11 (cf. ci-des­sous) to ob­tain wa­ter 9. The re­sult of no or lit­tle rain­fall 10. A de­vice for ob­tai­ning wa­ter (in En­glish) 11. A de­vice for ob­tai­ning wa­ter (in Ame­ri­can).

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