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A new Snap­chat up­date, re­cent­ly re­lea­sed in the UK, has made users real­ly un­hap­py. The re­de­si­gn was meant to sim­pli­fy the app’s user in­ter­face. But there have been com­plaints that the up­date has made ma­ny fea­tures more dif­fi­cult and Snap­chat is being as­ked to re­vert back to the old ver­sion of the app. The on­line pe­ti­tion “Re­move the new Snap­chat up­date” has re­cei­ved more than a mil­lion si­gna­tures.

up­date ici, (nouvelle) ver­sion, ver­sion ac­tua­li­sée / to re­lease lan­cer (fig.) / to make, made, made ici, rendre / re­de­si­gn ici, nouvelle ver­sion, ver­sion ac­tua­li­sée / to be meant to être cen­sé/ sup­po­sé / com­plaint plainte, cri­tique / fea­ture fonc­tion­na­li­té / to re­vert back to re­ve­nir à / to re­move re­ti­rer, sup­pri­mer.

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