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Last month, Trump’s bud­get pro­po­sal for fis­cal year 2019 was de­li­ve­red to Con­gress. Among ma­ny other pro­po­sals ai­med at de­crea­sing spen­ding on do­mes­tic pro­grams, Trump pro­po­sed cut­ting fun­ding for the Sup­ple­men­tal Nu­tri­tion As­sis­tance Pro­gram, al­so known as “food stamps”. Cur­rent­ly, SNAP re­ci­pients are low-in­come Ame­ri­cans who re­ceive a card pre-loa­ded with cre­dits each month, which they can use to buy any food they want at par­ti­ci­pa­ting re­tai­lers. The White House pro­poses to re­place half the amount of cre­dit gi­ven to about 80% of all SNAP re­ci­pients with a pre-made box de­li­ve­red di­rect­ly to hou­se­holds: the “Ame­ri­ca’s Harvest Box”. This would in­clude pow­de­red milk, rea­dy-to-eat ce­reals, pas­ta, pea­nut but­ter, beans and can­ned fruit and ve­ge­tables but no fresh fruits or ve­ge­tables. The White House sta­ted that this mea­sure would re­duce the ove­rall cost of the SNAP pro­gram by $129 bil­lion over the next 10 years, but the pro­po­sal has been fier­ce­ly cri­ti­ci­sed. Cri­tics said that this mea­sure would li­mit the choices of low-in­come fa­mi­lies, not ta­king in­to ac­count their va­rious back­grounds, re­li­gious res­tric­tions, food al­ler­gies… They al­so ar­gued that this pro­po­sal would be too dif­fi­cult to im­ple­ment at a lo­gis­ti­cal le­vel and would end up cos­ting more mo­ney than the cur­rent sys­tem. to de­li­ver ici, pré­sen­ter (aussi, li­vrer) / among parmi / to be ai­med at vi­ser à / to de­crease di­mi­nuer, faire bais­ser, ré­duire / spen­ding dé­penses / do­mes­tic ici, na­tio­nal / to cut, cut, cut ici, ré­duire / fun­ding fi­nan­ce­ment / cur­rent­ly ac­tuel­le­ment / low-in­come à faible re­ve­nu / to load char­ger; ici, ajou­ter (du cré­dit) / re­tai­ler dé­taillant, ma­ga­sin / to re­place rem­pla­cer / amount of cre­dit somme al­louée / about en­vi­ron / hou­se­hold foyer, mé­nage / pow­de­red en poudre / pea­nut (de) ca­ca­huète / bean ha­ri­cot / can­ned en conserve / to state af­fir­mer / ove­rall glo­bal / by ici, de / bil­lion mil­liard / over ici, au cours de / fier­ce­ly fa­rou­che­ment / cri­tic dé­trac­teur, op­po­sant / to take, took, ta­ken in­to ac­count prendre en compte / back­ground ori­gines; aussi, mi­lieu so­cio­cul­tu­rel / to argue sou­te­nir (fig.) / to im­ple­ment mettre en oeuvre.

harvest box car­ton des­ti­né à être re­mis aux mé­nages les plus dé­mu­nis, conte­nant des ali­ments pré­sé­lec­tion­nés / food stamps bons ali­men­taires / re­ci­pient bé­né­fi­ciaire.

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