Why the 2018 midterm elec­tions feel so epic

Les en­jeux des élec­tions amé­ri­caines de mi-man­dat.

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Le 6 no­vembre pro­chain se tien­dront les élec­tions de mi-man­dat aux États-Unis. Comme tous les quatre ans, les ci­toyens amé­ri­cains pren­dront ain­si le che­min des urnes pour élire leurs re­pré­sen­tants aux deux chambres du Congrès, la Chambre des re­pré­sen­tants et le Sé­nat, toutes deux contrô­lées par les Ré­pu­bli­cains. Alors que Do­nald Trump achève sa deuxième an­née de man­dat, ces élec­tions re­vêtent une im­por­tance toute par­ti­cu­lière...

Wa­shing­ton — Ever since Pre­sident Trump's elec­tion, Han­nah Lau­ri­son has had an eye on Nov. 6, 2018. So stun­ned the mor­ning of Trump's vic­to­ry that she couldn't find the words to tell her daugh­ters, the Phi­la­del­phian found her voice soon af­ter. Af­ter com­mi­se­ra­ting and crying with friends, Lau­ri­son hel­ped or­ga­nize week­ly pro­tests out­side Re­pu­bli­can Sen. Pat Too­mey's of­fices in Penn­syl­va­nia, and now leads a coa­li­tion of grass­roots li­be­ral groups wor­king across the state.

2. She is part of a wave of ac­ti­vism spar­ked by Trump, as the pre­sident and the ba­ck­lash

1. to have one's eye on sth avoir qqch en ligne de mire / stun­ned aba­sour­di, bou­le­ver­sé / to com­mi­se­rate s'api­toyer / pro­test ma­ni­fes­ta­tion / Sen. = Se­na­tor / grass­roots ici, lo­caux. 2. wave vague, mou­ve­ment / to spark dé­clen­cher / against him have be­come the de­fi­ning forces in Ame­ri­can po­li­tics. In less than [a month] those com­pe­ting ele­ments face their most si­gni­fi­cant test in a midterm elec­tion freigh­ted with epic im­pli­ca­tions. “My world is people who are on fire about po­li­tics,” Lau­ri­son said.

3. Trump and his supporters, meanw­hile, warn that a roa­ring eco­no­my — and his ve­ry pre­si­den­cy — is un­der threat in what amounts to the first na­tio­nal mea­sure of his

ba­ck­lash ici, réactions né­ga­tives / de­fi­ning dé­ter­mi­nant, es­sen­tiel / com­pe­ting ici, qui s'op­posent / to face se trou­ver confron­té à / freigh­ted with char­gé de / to be on fire about (fam.) être ob­sé­dé par. 3. to warn mettre en garde / roa­ring ici, pros­père, qui tourne à plein ré­gime / un­der threat me­na­cé / to amount to re­pré­sen­ter / mea­sure ici, test, ba­ro­mètre (de confiance) / te­nure. “There's a de­ci­sion here whe­ther we want to conti­nue the pros­pe­ri­ty and all the good things with the eco­no­my,” said Jim Wor­thing­ton, a Bucks Coun­ty bu­si­ness­man who foun­ded a grass­roots group to sup­port Trump.


4. Eve­ry na­tio­nal elec­tion car­ries si­gni­fi­cant stakes, but this cam­pai­gn is char­ged in a way like few in recent me­mo­ry, cra­ck­ling with the fu­rious ener­gy of 2016 that in ma­ny ways has on­ly grown more in­tense du­ring Trump's pre­si­den­cy. Most di­rect­ly at stake is Democrats' chance to gain a foothold in Congress,

te­nure ici, man­dat / coun­ty com­té (aux É.-U., col­lec­ti­vi­té lo­cale la plus im­por­tante à l’in­té­rieur d’un État). 4. foothold ici, an­crage / stake en­jeu / to cra­ckle cré­pi­ter /

and the po­wer to slow Trump's agen­da and probe his ad­mi­nis­tra­tion, set against Re­pu­bli­cans' hopes to en­act conser­va­tive po­li­cies for at least two more years.

5. The sym­bo­lic stakes run even dee­per. For­mer Pre­sident Ba­rack Oba­ma has ta­ken to the cam­pai­gn trail. In cal­ling for rejection of Trump's po­li­tics “of fear and re­sent­ment,” Oba­ma joi­ned a cho­rus of Democrats, and some Re­pu­bli­cans, war­ning of fun­da­men­tal threats from Trump's se­rial dis­ho­nes­ty, ra­cial­ly char­ged rhe­to­ric, at­tacks on the news me­dia, and calls for law en­for­ce­ment of­fi­cials to in­ves­ti­gate his ene­mies. “The mid­terms are just such an im­por­tant point to test whe­ther all of this re­sis­tance ener­gy and po­li­ti­cal fe­ver can be trans­la­ted,” Lau­ri­son said.


6. A De­mo­cra­tic wave might of­fer the po­li­ti­cal re­cko­ning that ma­ny ex­pec­ted in 2016, and si­gnal that even though Trump's in­cen­dia­ry agen­da pro­gramme (po­li­tique) / to probe ici, en­quê­ter sur, in­ter­ro­ger / ad­mi­nis­tra­tion gouvernement / to en­act pro­mul­guer. 5. to take, took, ta­ken to the cam­pai­gn trail se lan­cer dans la cam­pagne / re­sent­ment res­sen­ti­ment, ran­coeur / a cho­rus of de nom­breux / se­rial ici, in­vé­té­ré / dis­ho­nes­ty mal­hon­nê­te­té / ra­cial­ly char­ged à forte conno­ta­tion ra­ciste / rhe­to­ric dis­cours / law en­for­ce­ment of­fi­cials forces de l'ordre / to be trans­la­ted ici, se tra­duire par des ré­sul­tats concrets. 6. re­cko­ning rè­gle­ment de comptes / style wor­ked then, it might still car­ry a po­li­ti­cal price. If Trump and the GOP again beat ex­pec­ta­tions, though, and hold the House, it could va­li­date the pre­sident's un­con­ven­tio­nal ap­proach and again show that his ap­peal runs far dee­per than pu­blic sur­veys

GOP = Grand Old Par­ty, par­ti républicain / ex­pec­ta­tions at­tentes / to hold, held, held ici, contrô­ler / House = House of Re­pre­sen­ta­tives, Chambre des re­pré­sen­tants / ap­peal ici, po­pu­la­ri­té / sug­gest. It would fur­ther de­ci­mate the old po­li­ti­cal rules.

7. The stakes show in pu­blic sur­veys: 65 percent of re­gis­te­red vo­ters told a Wa­shing­ton Post/ABC poll in Au­gust that it's more im­por­tant to vote now than in past mid­terms. Among De­mo­cra­tic-lea­ning vo­ters the fi­gure was 75 percent. For those who lean Re­pu­bli­can, it was 57 percent.


8. The odds, and his­to­ry, fa­vor Democrats. The par­ty in the White House has lost House seats in all but three mid­terms since the Civil War, and Trump's ap­pro­val ra­tings are his­to­ri­cal­ly low. But Trump de­fied pre­dic­tions and polls in 2016 with a vic­to­ry that fit in­to a pat­tern of seis­mic up­sets around the

sur­vey son­dage. 7. re­gis­te­red vo­ter élec­teur ins­crit / poll son­dage / to lean, lea­ned or leant pen­cher pour (ici, po­li­ti­que­ment). 8. odds chances, pro­ba­bi­li­tés / Civil War guerre de Sé­ces­sion (1861-1865) / ap­pro­val ra­ting cote de po­pu­la­ri­té / to fit in­to ici, s'ins­crire dans / pat­tern phé­no­mène, sé­quence / up­set bou­le­ver­se­ment, se­cousse /

(Alex Bran­don/AP/SI­PA)

The Uni­ted States Ca­pi­tol, home of the U.S. Congress.

(Craig Hud­son/AP/SI­PA)

A Trump sup­por­ter at a ral­ly in sup­port of the Se­nate can­di­da­cy of At­tor­ney Ge­ne­ral Pa­trick Mor­ri­sey, An an­ti-fas­cist and an­ti-Trump pro­tes­ter at an Alt-Right ral­ly in Wa­shing­ton D.C., Au­gust 12, 2018. Aug. 21, 2018, in Char­les­ton.

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