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Ame­ri­can golf le­gend Ti­ger Woods is back. Last month, the 42-year-old ath­lete won the Tour Cham­pion­ship – one of the world’s most fa­mous golf tour­na­ments – in At­lan­ta. This break­through vic­to­ry loo­ked like a se­rious comeback: it was in­deed Woods’s first tour­na­ment’s win in five years. In 2009, the gol­fer was caught up in a hu­ge­ly pu­bli­ci­zed ex­tra­ma­ri­tal scan­dal and, from 2014 to 2017, he had to un­der­go four back ope­ra­tions fol­lo­wing a se­ries of in­ju­ries. His par­ti­ci­pa­tion in the tour­na­ment spar­ked a re­ne­wal of in­ter­est from vie­wers, with NBC be­ne­fit­ting most as the chan­nel’s fi­nal round co­ve­rage of the Tour Cham­pion­ship drew a 5.21 over­night ra­ting, an in­crease of 206 percent over the 2017 tour­na­ment! to roar ru­gir / tour­na­ment tour­noi, cham­pion­nat / break­through ici, phé­no­mé­nal / to be caught up in se trou­ver mê­lé à / hu­ge­ly ici, lar­ge­ment, très / pu­bli­ci­zed mé­dia­ti­sé / to un­der­go, went, gone su­bir / in­ju­ry bles­sure / to spark dé­clen­cher, pro­vo­quer / as ici, puisque / round ici, tour / co­ve­rage cou­ver­ture (d’un événement); ici, dif­fu­sion / to draw, drew, drawn ici, at­ti­rer, gé­né­rer / 5.21 = 5,21% / over­night ra­ting au­dience (1ers chiffres au len­de­main de la dif­fu­sion d’un pro­gramme) / in­crease aug­men­ta­tion, hausse.

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