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Last month, Ame­ri­can sin­ger, Tay­lor Swift, has bro­ken her years of po­li­ti­cal si­lence to en­dorse on Ins­ta­gram two De­mo­cra­tic can­di­dates run­ning in her state of Ten­nes­see in the up­co­ming mid­term elec­tions. “In the past I’ve been re­luc­tant to pu­bli­cly voice my po­li­ti­cal opi­nions, but due to se­ve­ral events [...] in the world in the past two years, I feel ve­ry dif­fe­rent­ly about that now,” she wrote in a long post. She sta­ted that she “couldn’t sup­port” Mar­sha Black­burn, the Re­pu­bli­can can­di­date for the Se­nate en­dor­sed by Do­nald Trump, and en­cou­ra­ged her 112 mil­lion Ins­ta­gram fol­lo­wers to re­gis­ter to vote in time for the mid­terms. Af­ter she pos­ted her sta­te­ment, the US vo­ter re­gis­tra­tion ser­vice ex­pe­rien­ced a spike in num­bers, with 65,000 new re­gis­tra­tions in the next 24 hours! to en­dorse sou­te­nir / to run, ran, run ici, se pré­sen­ter (élec­tion) / up­co­ming pro­chain / mid­term elec­tions (US) élec­tions de mi-man­dat (pré­si­den­tiel) où la to­ta­li­té des sièges de la Chambre des re­pré­sen­tants, un tiers du Sé­nat et plu­sieurs lé­gis­la­tures ou gou­ver­neurs sont re­nou­ve­lés / to be re­luc­tant to hé­si­ter à / to voice ex­pri­mer (de vive voix) / post ici, mes­sage / to state in­di­quer / fol­lo­wer abon­né, fan / to re­gis­ter (s’)ins­crire sur les listes élec­to­rales / spike pic, aug­men­ta­tion.

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