William Nord­haus

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Last month, U.S. economist William Nord­haus co-won the No­bel Me­mo­rial prize for eco­no­mics. He was awar­ded the pres­ti­gious prize joint­ly with ano­ther Ame­ri­can economist, Paul Ro­mer. William Nord­haus, from Yale Uni­ver­si­ty, is seen as one of the pio­neers of en­vi­ron­men­tal eco­no­mics, ha­ving ur­ged po­li­cy­ma­kers to re­think their eco­no­mic mo­dels to take in­to ac­count the im­pact of glo­bal war­ming from the 1970s on­wards.

to award dé­cer­ner, at­tri­buer / joint­ly conjoin­te­ment / to urge ex­hor­ter / po­li­cy­ma­ker dé­ci­deur, res­pon­sable po­li­tique / to take, took, ta­ken in­to ac­count prendre en compte / glo­bal war­ming ré­chauf­fe­ment cli­ma­tique / from the 1970s on­wards à par­tir des an­nées 1970.

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