Sup­pri­mez le plus de mots pos­sible sans mo­di­fier le sens des phrases.

Vocable (Anglais) - - Pratic’able -

1. I’ve been to Rome but John hasn’t been there. 2. When we ar­ri­ved, she was shou­ting and she was thro­wing things all over the place. 3. My son eats meat but my daugh­ter won’t eat it. 4. We jo­ked and we lau­ghed all eve­ning. 5. We as­ked her what she was going to do but she wouldn’t tell us her plans. 6. I of­fe­red to do that and you ac­cep­ted that I should do it. 7. She en­joys li­ving in En­gland yet she longs to be back in her na­tive coun­try. 8. Ka­ren chose pink and El­la chose green.

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