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Les cou­lisses de la jour­née de presse new-yor­kaise des Ani­maux Fan­tas­tiques 2.

Les Ani­maux Fan­tas­tiques : Les Crimes de Grin­del­wald vient tout juste de sor­tir sur grand écran. Le se­cond vo­let de la sa­ga qui a suc­cé­dé à Har­ry Pot­ter met en scène les nou­velles aven­tures du « ma­gi­zoo­lo­giste » Nor­bert Dra­gon­neau (Ed­die Red­mayne). En sep­tembre der­nier, une jour­née de presse or­ga­ni­sée à New York réunis­sait les ac­teurs, l’au­teure J.K. Row­ling et les fans de la sa­ga. Une jour­na­liste nous in­vite à dé­cou­vrir les cou­lisses de cet évé­ne­ment magique.

You don't say no when J.K. Row­ling in­vites you to ex­plore New York Ci­ty. The Har­ry Pot­ter au­thor and the cast of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grin­del­wald for­med an armada of wi­zards, witches, and a few lu­cky muggles as they tra­ve­led around the Big Apple rai­sing awa­re­ness for the up­co­ming film. The event was os­ten­si­bly ar­ran­ged to draw at­ten­tion to a new trai­ler for the hot­ly an­ti­ci­pa­ted se­quel, but it was al­so a chance for Va­rie­ty to ob­serve the me­dia-shy au­thor in ac­tion. 2. War­ner Bros., the stu­dio be­hind the Pot­ter fran­chise, left no­thing to chance. As the ac­tors and Row­ling made the rounds from one spif­fy mid­town ea­te­ry to ano­ther, they were gree­ted at each stop by hordes of so­cial me­dia in­fluen­cers from across the globe, se­lec­ted be­cause of their re­ve­rence for all things Hog­warts. Here's a blow-by-blow of a day that would test the en­du­rance of even the most sea­so­ned Quid­ditch champ.


3. The crowd erup­ted as Row­ling en­te­red the Bras­se­rie Ruhl­mann res­tau­rant, one of those ex­pense ac­count-haunts in Ro­cke­fel­ler Pla­za. While Row­ling was on the “To­day” show next door tou­ting the new trai­ler, a pho­to­gra­pher spent se­ve­ral mi­nutes ex­haus­ti­ve­ly ar­ran­ging the 60-plus di­gi­tal in­fluen­cers who were po­sing for a group pic­ture with the fa­med au­thor. His ef­forts were for naught. The per­fect for­ma­tion col­lap­sed the mo­ment Row­ling en­te­red the room as the crowd im­me­dia­te­ly gra­vi­ta­ted to­ward Row­ling when she nea­red the group.

4. Row­ling kept re­pea­ting, “This is ama­zing” as she made rounds hug­ging fans, most of whom as­ked per­mis­sion be­fore em­bra­cing the li­te­ra­ry doyenne. At one point she shou­ted, “I'm going to cry!” One lu­cky fan even got a fist bump from the queen.


5. At the next stop, lu­cky fans re­cei­ved si­gned mo­vie pos­ters from Row­ling be­fore cast mem­bers Ez­ra Miller, Dan Fo­gler, Cal­lum Tur­ner and Clau­dia Kim swung by to watch the fi­nal trai­ler. Tur­ner, who joins the cast as Newt's ol­der bro­ther The­seus Sca­man­der, was gree­ted with a cho­rus of dis­be­lie­ving “Oooooohs” when he ad­mit­ted he hasn't seen the ne­west foo­tage yet. Fo­gler as­su­red him, “it's awe­some. There's some nice tid­bits in there.” Miller qui­ck­ly shut Fo­gler down be­fore he could give away any de­tails. “Shhh, stop it!” Miller tea­sed. “They're about to see it.” Miller pro­ved as big a Hog­warts nut as anyone else in the room.


6. The la­dies of Fantastic Beasts - Ka­the­rine Wa­ters­ton, Ali­son Su­dol and Zoe Kra­vitz, whose por­trayal of Le­ta Les­trange was on­ly brie­fly tea­sed in the first film - took cen­ter stage at the mor­ning's next event. The loft-style space was oc­cu­pied with dis­plays of wands and cos­tumes, the lat­ter of which was hea­vy on trench coats and lea­ther pants. Wa­ters­ton, Su­dol and Kra­vitz were just chat­ting among them­selves be­fore Wa­ters­ton ad­dres­sed the room saying, “Come talk to us, we're just han­ging out!” That was the on­ly in­vi­ta­tion the crowd nee­ded. The three wo­men were swar­med by in­fluen­cers loo­king for ma­gi­cal sel­fies. 7. The cast ki­cked off their day with Row­ling on NBC's “To­day.” They'll be back on to­mor­row when the fi­nal trai­ler drops, part of a ma­ra­thon two-day Pot­ter ex­tra­va­gan­za. Even though Kra­vitz has ap­pea­red in such po­pu­lar films as Mad Max: Fu­ry Road and Di­vergent, she's still men­tal­ly rea­dying her­self for the in­ten­si­ty of a Pot­ter press tour. “Not this level. Not with fans like this.”

8. Row­ling was on set per­io­di­cal­ly du­ring the fil­ming. “Whe­ne­ver she's around, it's al­ways a dif­ferent level,” Kra­vitz told Va­rie­ty. “I feel like she's res­pect­ful and ac­tual­ly wants us to have space be­cause eve­ryone gets ve­ry ner­vous when she's around.” The others chi­med in: “All work slows to a halt be­cause we all want to pick her brain for any in­for­ma­tion we can get.” Kra­vitz nod­ded: “I think she's doing us a fa­vor by staying away.”


9. The en­tire cast ga­the­red to­ge­ther for one last hur­rah and so­me­thing a lot stron­ger than a But­ter­beer. The spea­kea­sy may not have been Three Broom­sticks, but it did of­fer cus­tom cock­tails that were hea­vy on Cham­pagne. The ac­tors made their rounds at the bar, chat­ting with at­ten­dees and po­sing for more pic­tures. Miller made a point to strike dif­ferent wa­cky poses in each snap­shot. “It's how I keep it fun for my­self,” he said. While dod­ging ca­me­ras and iP­hones, Miller dis­cus­sed fan theo­ries with a small crowd. “What would be real­ly dope,” he said, “is going far­ther back [in the Wi­zar­ding World]. What's the ori­gin of the El­der Wand?”

10. Miller is such a fan­boy of Har­ry Pot­ter him­self, he ba­re­ly sees the press tours as work. He cal­led the non­tra­di­tio­nal mar­ke­ting me­thods “de­light­ful.” It's his se­cond mo­vie in the Har­ry Pot­ter ca­non, but he's clear­ly still in awe of wor­king with Row­ling. “It's ra­ther inef­fable when you're in a si­tua­tion where you get to col­la­bo­rate with, to speak with zero hy­per­bole, the most im­por­tant ar­tist in your growth and de­ve­lop­ment and for­ma­tion out­side of your pa­rents,” he told Va­rie­ty.

11. One ti­red Va­rie­ty re­por­ter fi­nal­ly leaves the all-day Pot­ter lo­ve­fest – ex­haus­ted, but ea­ger to find out what ad­ven­tures are in store for Newt and crew when Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grin­del­wald hits thea­ters in No­vem­ber.

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The cast of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grin­del­wald.

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