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In a sur­prise move, Fa­ce­book has hi­red Nick Clegg as its head of glo­bal po­li­cy and com­mu­ni­ca­tions. Nick Clegg is the for­mer head of the UK’s Li­be­ral De­mo­crats. He was the coun­try’s de­pu­ty prime mi­nis­ter in the Da­vid Ca­me­ron coa­li­tion go­vern­ment from 2010 to 2015, and lost his seat in par­lia­ment in the 2017 ge­ne­ral elec­tion. He is to move to Si­li­con Val­ley in Ja­nua­ry. He of­fe­red an apo­lo­gy to Bri­tish people for wi­th­dra­wing so sud­den­ly from Bri­tain’s po­li­ti­cal life, saying he would “no lon­ger seek to play a pu­blic role in the [Brexit] de­bate.”

move ici, dé­ci­sion / to hire em­bau­cher, en­ga­ger / head di­rec­teur, chef / glo­bal in­ter­na­tio­nal / po­li­cy po­li­tique (ligne d’ac­tion), stra­té­gie / for­mer an­cien, ex- / de­pu­ty vice- / to of­fer ici, pré­sen­ter / apo­lo­gy ex­cuse(s) / to wi­th­draw, drew, drawn se re­ti­rer.

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