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The brand Klee­nex was for­ced to re­name one of its pro­ducts. “Klee­nex Man­size tis­sues,” one of the brand’s most po­pu­lar items, have been cha­rac­te­ri­sed by a much lar­ger tis­sue size since they were crea­ted more than 60 years ago. But a gro­wing num­ber of cus­to­mers has re­cent­ly com­plai­ned that the name is sexist, and Klee­nex de­ci­ded to re­brand the pro­duct “Klee­nex Ex­tra Large”.

re­bran­ding nou­velle ap­pel­la­tion / brand marque / item pro­duit, ar­ticle / size taille.

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